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October 2018
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Incubator for start-ups for environmental technologies and services


PLUS-UP aims to attract fresh talented graduates to join us to Environmental Technologies Start-Ups!



Start Up Talk Group Photo (from left to right): Postdoc. Ruiqing LU,  Zhonghan YU(member of X-Lab), Mrs. Qiulin LIU(JIEI), Prof. Dr. ZUO, Prof. Dr. Stephan KOESTER, Prof. Dr. Regina NOGUEIRA, Dip.–Ing. Nina MANIG and Dipl.–Ing. Franziska Verworn, on 13th April 2018, at School of Environment, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China


PLUS is a science-based hub for joint start-up activities in the field of environmentl technologies.

Since 2008 Chinese Government has already announced several kinds of initiatives to encourage young talents oversees to come back home and wave their ambitions domestically. For our case, besides the funding ideas and consulting services at the very beginning, investments from both Chinese and German sides are also achievable. To make this happen, PLUS made a profound analyses on the present Chinese market. Nowadays, China is confronted with more and more severe water related environmental issues, yet lacks of relatively more professional technology and consulting services to tackle them. However, the biggest market in the world China has never been short of investors who appreciate creative ideas and brains. They are exactly those we are looking for and we can.

The aim is to transfer the joint research results into practice. Young founders are specifically supported and advised by mentors in technical, legal and organizational questions. First contacts to potential investors, business partners and customers are established.






In April, after the Innovations Workshop with specialists, PLUS Team also had Start-Up talk with Mrs. Qiulin LIU from JIEI and Zhonghan YU from X-Lab.
Mrs. Qiulin Liu, who is not only a member of SoE, but also an environmental activist from the Jiangsu (Yixing) Institute of Environmental Industry (JIEI), shared her experiences of how China industrialize its technology, which is quite representative currently.

Jiangsu (Yixing) Institute of Environmental Industry (JIEI)

JIEI locates in Yixing Industrial Park for Environmental Science & Technology, which is one of the first Chinese national hi-tech industrial development zones featured in environmental industry. To promote environmental enterprises in connection with government, industry and research is JIEI’s main goal. Since its foundation was approved by the Jiansu Science and Technology Apartment, it has the best Chinese market requirements guide from the government, and also the best resources to discover the advanced domestic and foreign environmental technologies, and thus transfer them into Chinese market as well as overseas.
As an enterprise incubator, it already cultivated three companies, namely Jiangsu Zoetec Water Redemendation Co., Ltd, Zhongyi Instrument Jiangsu Co., Ltd and Yixing Eco-Sanitary Manufacture Co., Ltd. To motivate the young talents to Start Up, JIEI organizes regularly Environmental Innovation & Entrepreneurship Challenge, in which a good quantity of Start-UP funding will be given to the winner, who owns the most innovative ideas/technologies, which is decided at the end of completion normally by the most professionalized entrepreneurs from the environmental field.
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今年四月, 于项目会议之后,PLUS团队又与来自江苏(宜兴)环保产业技术研究院的刘秋玲女士,和来自清华大学创意创新创业教育平台的余中汉同学进行了创业对话。



X-Lab of Tsinghua University

As a member of X-Lab, Zhonghan Yu, a master student from School of Environment, introduced his Start-Up idea and how is the X-Lab process. X-Lab is an intern Start-Up incubator in Tsinghua University. It has a stable and close connection with the environmental industries. By way of organizing trainings and competitions, it enrolls the best-qualified young students in Tsinghua, who has an entrepreneur idea to be feed, and then provide them best atmosphere with others to shape what they already have in mind into mature Start-Up ideas. At the last, X-Lab helps them find their capitals through its connections with multiple companies. If PLUS find its representative in X-Lab, then its Start-Up initiative would be quite doable.
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