Sino-German Symposium on Microplastics
Beijing, July 9th & 10th, 2019
Tsinghua Day on 7.5.2019
MoU Signing Ceremony on Hannover Day at Tsinghua
Beijing, 30 Oct. 2018
The School of Environment
October 2018
Scientific Talks at Tsinghua
April 2018
Leibniz University Hannover
November 2018
Team from ISAH at the School of Environment
October 2018

Background information about PLUS


Project Description in German language

Short Introduction to PLUS (English, pdf)

The Leibniz University of Hanover (LUH) and the Beijing-based Tsinghua University founded the research platform PLUS, which stands for “Platform for United Water Science and Technology Innovations”. PLUS refers to the topic of “environmental and water technologies”. In cooperation with Tsinghua University, two highly dynamic locations are planned: 1) the Tsinghua Campus in Beijing, and 2) the Shenzhen International Campus of Tsinghua University. Four core content features of PLUS are:

  1. Enhancing the collaborative research on: microplastics, wastewater treatment & reuse, micropollutants, sludge management, phosphorous/energy recovery, sponge cities and more.
  2. Establishing a talent-oriented academic exchange.
  3. PLUS-UP: incubator for start-ups for environmental technologies and services.
  4. Profile of the LUH, the provincial capital-region of Hanover and deepening the city partnership with Shenzhen.
PLUS stands for mutually excellent practiced science. PLUS strengthen s the German-Chinese network and promotes the networking of stakeholders from sciences, business and politics in particular. PLUS institutionalizes cooperation with Tsinghua und provides the opportunity to further develop the research cooperation on innovative water and environmental technologies as a common “research mark”.



  1. 在以下几个领域,加强双方的合作:微塑料、污水处理&再利用、微污染、污泥处理、磷/能量的恢复、海绵城市和其他相关问题;
  2. 建立以人才为导向的学术交流;
  3. 升级PLUS:鼓励环境技术类和服务类创业;
  4. 提升汉诺威大学以及汉诺威该城市在中国的知名度,加强汉诺威与深圳的城际合作关系。







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